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Kasey Reder, M.Ed
School Counselor


About the Counselor

This is my 8th year working as the School Counselor at St. Lawrence School.  In 2002, I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology (with Minors in Family Development and Spanish) from the University of Dayton.  In 2004, I received my Master's in School Counseling from the University of Cincinnati.  Prior to St. Lawrence I worked as a School Counselor at Catholic Social Services in Northern Kentucky.  Please feel free to call or email if you ever have ANY questions or concerns.  My email address is    


What does the counselor do?

My role is to advocate for the needs of children in order to help them learn better while they are here at school.  This includes one-on-one counseling, classroom programs, groups, mediation, consulting with faculty and parents, and providing crisis intervention when necessary.

For a list of the Counselor programs or some of my favorite websites see below.

2012-2013 Counselor Programs:


First grade: Thinking, Feeling, Doing Program Teaches students a greater awareness of feelings, self-esteem, and cause/effect of actions they choose.


Second grade: Positive Action Program Empowers students with positive thoughts and actions when they feel poor self-esteem, sadness, anger and fear.


Third grade: Thinking, Feeling, Behaving Program Helps students to recognize feelings, manage their reactions, and find solutions to problems they may encounter with others.


Seventh grade: CITE Learning Styles Assessment Helps students discover their own learning style preference from nine different types of learners (see words learner, see numbers learner, hear words learner, hear numbers learner, hands-on learner, say it learner, write it learner, by-myself learner, and with others learner).


Eighth grade: Mediation Training and Mediation Team Selected Eighth grade students learn active listening, paraphrasing, and probing question skills that they use throughout the school year for conflict mediation with grades two through seven.


Eighth grade: Careers Program Using a Holland Self Directed Search method, the students complete a career questionnaire to find compatible careers.  Students research and write a report on one possible career.



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