Beginning in January, we will be learning several sight words each week.  Sight words are common words found in reading that are difficult to sound out.  These are words that your child should be able to recognize and read with ease just by looking at the words.  We will be doing many activities with the sight words, including creating books that include the words.  Please keep these sight word books in your child's "Book Box."  I ask that you read one book each day with your child.  Encourage him/her to read each word on every page.  The repetition will allow your child to learn these words and become a great reader!

These are the sight words we will be learning this year...

a                         red                  zero

the                       blue                 one

I                          yellow               two

see                      green                three

do                       purple               four

you                      orange              five

like                       pink                 six

yes                       black               seven  

no                        brown              eight

look                      white                nine

at                                             ten