Each week, we will focus on a letter and its sound.  We will learn to identify

                         both the capital and lowercase forms of each letter.  We will also learn many

                         words that begin with that letter.  Each Monday, I will send home the

                         homework for the week (letter mini-book).  These are due each Friday.  If we

                         are off of school on Friday, they are due on Thursday.  If homework is not

                         returned, your child may lose recess time. 


                         Below is the order we will learn our letters.

                                Ff    Mm    Ss    Tt    Hh    Bb

                Ll     Dd     Cc    Nn    Gg    Ww

                Pp    Rr      Kk    Jj     Qq    Vv

                Yy    Zz    Xx

                Aa    Ii    Oo    Uu    Ee