Kindergarten Korner

September 18, 2009


This Week In Review

Fantastic!  This week we learned the letter Ff.  We learned to identify and name it, what sound it makes, and how to write it.  We also learned a lot of words that start with Ff.

In Math, we finished Chapter 1.  You will receive your child’s first chapter test next week.  We also began our next chapter, which focuses on numbers from 0 to 5.  We worked on 1, 2, and 3 this week.

In English, we learned about the job of an author.  We learned that an author writes the words of a book. 

We also talked about the difference between numbers, letters, and shapes.

In Social Studies, we talked about telling the truth.  I explained to the class that it is always better to tell the truth.  My policy is, if you tell the truth you will be in a lot less trouble than if you tell a lie.

In Religion, we continued talking about how God made each of us special.  We learned that God gave each of us talents, or things we can do well.  We should use our talents to teach others!


In Science, the children learned about the senses of hearing and smell.  Thanks to Emma who brought in some things to share that we could hear and smell!


Looking Ahead…

In Phonics, we will learn the letter Mm.  We will learn to identify it and its sounds, how to write it, and learn many words that start with Mm.

In Math, we will continue to work on numbers from 0 to 5.  We will concentrate on 4, 5, and 0.

In Science, we will continue our unit on the Five Senses.  We will learn about the sense of touch and taste.

In Religion, we will continue to talk about how God made us special.

In Social Studies, we will learn “God Bless America.”  We will begin singing the song every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance.


Science Help

Since we are learning about touch next week, your child may bring in something that the class can touch.  Consider sending in something that is soft, hard, smooth, or rough.  All items will be returned by Friday.



Your child should have turned in his/her first set of homework this week.  Please remember to look every Monday for the week’s homework.  Please encourage your child to do his/her best work on their homework.  And don’t forget to have his/her write their name on their work!


Star of the Week

Chris was our Star of the Week this week.  We learned that Chris likes swimming and the color green.  Thanks for sharing, Chris!