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Solar System

BBC Schools: Solar System See how the Earth and Moon move around the Sun.

Zoom Astronomy Find information on all space topics here.

Virtual Solar System See 3-D images of the planets and moons.

Kid's Astronomy This site has easy to understand information on the solar system.

The Nine Planets This site contains a wealth of information including pictures.
Star Child: The Solar System Easy to understand information on our solar system
How much would you weigh? Find out how much you weigh on other planets!
What is your age? Find your age on another planet.
Sky Gallery View photos of the solar system.
The Space Place Compare the real sizes of planets and moons.
Welcome to the Planets Contains a slide show of great pictures of the solar system.
Space Chase Can You Find Mrs. Frizz?
Solar System Switch-a-Roo! Click to find the correct pictures of the planets and the moons.
Make a Solar System Create your own solar system.
Make a Planet Create your own planet.
Fun With Planets Play four games with the planets.
Planet Jigsaw Puzzle Complete several puzzles of the planets.


Last modified 08/26/2012