Christmas Sites





1. Decorate a Tree  Musical Tree 1. Computer Wallpaper 1
2. Arrange a Nativity Scene 2. Computer Wallpaper 2 
3. Christmas Games 3. Computer Wallpaper 3
4. Virtual Snowperson      2 4. Christmas Clip Art
5. Decorate a Gingerbread House 5. Christmas Clip Art 2
6. Coloring Book 6. Christmas Clip Art 3 
7. Christmas Match 7.
8. Mix and Match Snowman 8. Christmas Graphics
9. Christmas Maze
10.Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle   2 Religious Sites
11.Tic-Tac-Toe 1. Christ in Christmas-Advent
12.The Elves' Game Chest  2. Advent and Christmas
13.Lilí Fingers Holidays 3. Prayers and Customs
14.Billy Bear's Christmas Games  4. O Antiphons   2
15.Christmas Swap Puzzles 5. Tour of Bethlehem
16.Changeable Jigsaw Puzzles  6. Jesse Tree  2   3
17.Christmas Story Word Search 7. The History of Holidays
18.Christmas Story Crossword 8. Kwanzaa
19.Christmas Hangman 9. Hanukkah
20.Christmas Story Hangman 2
21.Squigly's Word Star Christmas Stories
22.Santa's Time Trainer 1. Night Before Christmas
23.Santa's Money Counting Trainer 2. A Christmas Carol
24.Christmas Checkers 3. Gift of the Magi
25.Christmas Break Out 4. Christmas Poems, Stories, and Songs
26.Santa's Panic 5. Christmas Stories
27.Wonka's Holiday Treats
28.Christmas Activities Christmas Carols 1. The Singing Christmas Tree
30.Games and Trivia 2. Christmas Lyrics
31.Kids Domain 3. Christmas Carol History
32.Black Dog's Christmas 4. Animated Advent Calendar
33.Online Christmas Games 5. The Nutcracker
34.Christmas Trivia Quiz 6. Musical Christmas Bells
35.Hershey's Holidays
Christmas Around the World
St. Nicholas-SINTERKLAAS 1. Christmas Traditions Around the World
1. St. Nicholas Center 2. Christmas World
2. The Feast of Sinterklaas 3. Christmas Around the World
3. Sinterklass in History 4. Christmas Around the World 2
4. Pictures 5. Christmas Around the World 3 
6. Christmas Around the World 4
Christmas Recipes 7. Christmas Around the World 5
Boxing Day 8. Christmas Around the World 6
An American Christmas 9. World of Holiday Traditions
Christmas at the White House 10.Christmas Traditions Around the World
Christmas Kid Crafts 11.Holidays From Around the World
Christmas Crafts 12.Merry Christmas in 150 Languages
Maze Maker 13.Christmas In England