Mrs. Maly

Grades 6, 7, 8

Social Studies, Religion, Reading

Policies & Procedures


Grade 6: Religion

Text:  Blest Are We

Grade 6:  Social Studies

Text:  My World History


Grade 7: Religion

Text:  Christ Our Life 7


Grade 8:  Religion

Text:  Christ Our Life 8

Grade 8:  Social Studies

Text:  America History of our Nation

Grade 8:  Reading

Text:  Various novels


 NASA for middle-school students

  National Geographic for Kids

*** EXCELLENT game for identifying countries and capitals of the world.

This website gives climate and biome information for Windows on the World 

The CIA World Factbook

Info Please has information about maps and absolute location.

Encarta's online encyclopedia has good basic information about the countries 
and good maps.

World climate is an excellent site for absolute location and temperature.

Mapquest contains maps of the world. You can zoom in to see a map of a 
particular city.

Sites Atlas includes wonderful maps and information.

* Great Buldings of the World website gives interesting pictures and facts 
  about the world's great architecture.

Map of Europe - Good for map test.