November 30, 2006

Dear Parents and Guardians,

To maintain and promote an atmosphere of family, friendship, and unity, the staff of St. Lawrence School seeks to help our new and returning students grow to care for and watch out for each other.

To this end, we are beginning the Student Family Program, designed to build relationships across age boundaries.  This program is special in that every student participates and gets to know students in other grade levels.  Eighth grade students will take on the roles of family leadersStudent families, made up of members from each grade K-8, will be assigned their own homerooms, engage in scheduled activities quarterly, and will be seated together at all-school masses.  Each family leader will be supervised by a teacher who will help facilitate activities as needed.

The first two family activities are scheduled to occur during the month of December.  On Monday, December 4 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm, all students will join their student families in their designated homerooms.  Family leaders will engage the students in fun, get-to-know each other games, which will help the students learn about each other and grow in comfort being together.  When the games are complete, the students will return to their regular homerooms for dismissal.

On Wednesday, December 20, the student families will attend the 9:00 am Christmas Mass together, and be seated with the family's designated homeroom teacher.  We cordially invite you, the parents and guardians, to attend this event and see the unity as it grows between the students. 

We are very excited about this new program, as it will further unite us as a St. Lawrence family.


The Student Family Program Committee

Miss Breitner, Teacher
Mr. Hilvers, Teacher
Miss Huebchen, Teacher
Mrs. Reder, School Counselor

cc:  Mrs. Joesting, St. Lawrence Principal


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