5th and FINAL YEAR for the Walk




Fifth Annual Christopher Nguyen Memorial Walk          April 10, 2010


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Several years ago, the St. Lawrence student body, faculty, staff and parents had to mourn the very unfortunate loss of an eighth grade student, Christopher Nguyen.  He battled cancer for 2 Ĺ very long years and in July, 2005, he passed away.  The grieving process is long and hard, not only for his family and friends, but especially for children.

The students of St. Lawrence, led by his classmates, struggled for months to make sense of this tragic loss.  In order to help with the grieving and healing process, they became determined to turn this horribly sad event into something positive and good.  In the spring of 2006, St. Lawrence students, faculty, family and friends did exactly that!  The First Annual Christopher Nguyen Memorial Scholarship Walk was held in April, 2006, and it was a huge success! 

Christopher shared so many wonderful qualities with us and we learned to be better people through his example of courage and strength.  We are determined to continue this event every year as a way to memorialize Christopher and to help us never to forget the special friend that we have in him.  Christopher was also a very exceptional student and looked forward to the days of high school.  Unfortunately, he was never able to experience this desire.  Therefore, a scholarship fund, in memory of Christopher, was established from the donations and pledge amounts collected by the students of St. Lawrence and its parish family.  We had such an overwhelming response to this event, that 1 eighth grade boy and 1 eighth grade girl from St. Lawrence received a partial scholarship to Elder and Seton High Schools in Christopherís name for the past three years.  We canít think of a nicer way for Christopher to have the opportunity to share high school with his classmates. 

A scholarship will be granted to two 8th grade St. Lawrence students attending Seton and Elder High Schools.  If you have questions regarding the walk, please call Gina or Chris Hornback at 471-5157 or the St. Lawrence School office at 921-4996. 


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