St. Lawrence - Price Hill

Annual Summer Festival

3680 Warsaw Ave ● Cincinnati, Ohio  45205

Volunteer Opportunities

The St. Lawrence Summer Festival's success depends upon YOU, our parishioners, and those who enthusiastically donate their time, talents and donations to ensure that it continues to be the best festival on the "Hill."  We are looking for parishioners to get involved in all levels of the festival, from start to finish and everywhere in between!  You can help with the daily set-up, work in a booth, chair a booth, assist with storing the inventory at the end of each evening.


Attention High School Students!  Need Volunteer Hours?

We are looking for volunteers to give anywhere from one hour to all weekend!  You can volunteer for as few or as many hours as you'd like.  We need help in all areas of the festival, including setting up the booths, moving the inventory to storage at the end of the night, booth workers, etc.

Please fill out the form below if you're interested in helping out:


Sponsor a Booth!

Saturday, July 9  4-11 pm

Sunday, July 10  4-10 pm

Booths include:

Soft Drinks Food Sweet Treats Cake Fruit Snacks Meat Certificates Flowers, Crafts Gold Fish Big Six Baseball Instants Pick & Win Basket Bonanza Case Beer Jumbo Poker Split-the-Pot $25 for $1 Kiddie Land Major Award Air Conditioned Poker