Selected uniform jumper for grades K-4 and uniform skirt for grades 5-8.  New for 2006-2007, the girls may choose to wear a uniform plaid skort.  Jumpers, skirts, and skorts are available from Schoolbelles (formerly Casson), Fox's Clothing Co., or Campus Outfitters. 

Schoolbelles Uniforms
9595 Kenwood Road
Fox's Clothing
23 W. Court Street (downtown) or 8786 Colerain Avenue
Campus Outfitters
35 Tri-County Parkway

Blouses:  Solid white uniform blouse in round or pointed collar or a white polo.  Long or short sleeves are permitted.

Slacks/Shorts:  SOLID NAVY BLUE slacks or shorts may be worn with uniform blouse.  (JEANS ARE NOT PERMITTED).

Socks:  Can be ankle or knee length in navy, brown or white.  Socks must be visible above the shoe.


Shirts:  Wear white or light blue dress shirts or polos with collars.

Pants/Shorts:  SOLID NAVY DRESS pants/shorts are to be worn.  Pants and shorts with belt loops require a belt.  (Jeans, parachute pants, pants with multi-pockets or pockets at the knee, warm-ups, or sweat pants, or "fad" pants are not permitted.)


Cardigan, pull-over (either V-neck or crew neck), and sweater vests are permitted.  These must be solid navy blue, brown, or white.  The St. Lawrence School Sweatshirt is permitted over the uniform shirt or blouse.  Other sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts are not permitted.  St. Lawrence sweatshirts are ordered through the school office. 


Students in grades 1-8 are required to purchase a gym uniform through the school office.  The uniform consists of a gray T-shirt with "St. Lawrence" printed in red on the front and red shorts.  All students must wear non-marring gym shoes (a white or natural sole - NO BLACK SOLES).


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