St. Lawrence School has established a procedure to be used in the event of an emergency early dismissal due to inclement weather.  We follow Oak Hills School District for Emergency Closings, Delays, and Emergency Early Dismissals.  For this procedure to work, it is essential that you provide us with accurate home and work numbers.  

If our school is forced to close early because of extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen situation, it is essential that we know what procedure to follow for releasing your child/children.

We cannot have each child calling home nor can we accommodate parent phone calls requesting last minute changes to your stated procedure.  The procedure you indicate on the Emergency School Closing Procedure form will be followed every time an early dismissal is necessitated.  This is to ensure the safety of your child.

If the weather looks threatening, listen to the radio or television or check the television station web sites for school closing information.  DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL to see if we are closing early.  We cannot call out if every parent is calling the school -- we only have two phone lines out.  When inclement weather forces an early dismissal of school, ALL AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES WILL ALSO BE CANCELLED.  This would include detentions, tutoring, and choir practice.

  • Closing for snow or ice -- watch for Oak Hills

  • Closing for other reasons -- watch for St. Lawrence, Price Hill

Bus riders have to be especially careful about watching the school closings because Cincinnati Public School closings may be different from Oak Hills.  If CPS is closed, there will be no bus service, even if we are in school.  If CPS is open and Oak Hills has a delay or a closing, I will call the bus company to let them know not to pick up our students, but you will also need to know not to put your children on the bus if it happens to come anyway.  Oak Hills sometimes has two-hour delays; CPS does not, so on delay days you will have to provide your own transportation to school at 10:00.  School buses will bring students home as usual if CPS is open.

  • If CPS closed -- no bus service

  • If CPS open and Oak Hills closed -- St. Lawrence closed, so do not put your children on the bus.

  • If CPS open and Oak Hills delayed -- St. Lawrence delayed, no morning bus.  Afternoon bus as usual.

Be sure to let us know when your phone number changes.

Below are links to the websites for several television and radio stations in the Cincinnati area.  We list these sites as a courtesy and in no way is this an endorsement for any of the stations. 

Television Websites:

Radio Websites:

The Emergency Closing Procedure will be utilized to the best of our ability, given the time constraints, and with your cooperation in providing accurate phone numbers.


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