1.                    To implant firmly, in the members of St. Lawrence teams, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.


2.                    Coaches, at the beginning of their respective seasons, will formally instruct all their players on the rules and regulations of St. Lawrence and of their league.  Coaches must also inform their players and parents of their own team rules.  It is recommended that a copy of these rules be given to each player.  A copy of the team rules should also be given to the coordinator of that particular sport.


3.                    As part of their team rules, coaches must indicate the appropriate chain of command for the dealing of grievances.  Complaints must be addressed in the following order.


A.                  Coach

B.                   Coordinator

C.                   Athletic Director

D.                  Board of Directors




1.             Boys and girls, who are members of St. Lawrence parish or attend St. Lawrence School and who desire to play a particular sport, must play for St. Lawrence Athletic Association sponsored teams.  Failure to do so will result in a one year suspension from the date of that particular sport.  If   St. Lawrence does not offer a particular sport  students are free to play wherever they choose.


2.                    A child may play for a St. Lawrence team and another team during a season (example; soccer, boy’s basketball).  However, they may not play for another team in their own league or conference.  If conflicts occur the player must play for their St. Lawrence team first.


3.                    If a student is caught playing for a team other than St. Lawrence during league games the following will take place:


1.             First offense -    1 game suspension

2.                    Second offense- Expulsion from that sport for the rest of the season.


4.             Every effort must be made to fill teams with children from St. Lawrence and any other organization with whom the Athletic Association has made prior agreement.


A.                  Team members must participate within their own grade or age level.

B.                   All team members will participate in all games as directed by their respective league or by the Athletic Association. Tournament games are optional, unless otherwise directed by a particular league or tournament committee.


4.                    Teams are eligible to enter two tournaments per season at the expense of the Athletic Association.









1.                    Coordinators should conduct a coaches’ meeting at the beginning of their season.


2.                    Coaches during their season will attend Athletic Association meetings or send a qualified representative.


3.                    COACHES are responsible for the return of all equipment and uniforms.


A.                  Equipment manager shall make arrangements with the coaches or sport coordinator for the issuing and the returning of uniforms and equipment


B.                   Coaches must instruct players that uniforms are to be changed as soon as possible after a game.


C.                   Coaches are to inform players to clean uniforms and return them on a date to be set by the coach.  This date should be no longer than ONE MONTH after the season ends.


D.                  Players and their parents are responsible for maintaining their uniforms.  Players will be charged for any uniform lost, damaged or not returned.  The charge will be at the replacement value.


4.                    Any coach, player or parent who, by his/her own words, deeds or actions  are in any way detrimental to the St. Lawrence Athletic Association, the parish or the school shall be suspended or reprimanded by the President or Athletic Director.  Any suspension or reprimand may be appealed to the Board of Directors. Any coach who knowingly plays an ineligible player shall be suspended or reprimanded.


5.                    Coaches shall have complete decision making responsibility for the management of their team.  However, as stated in item 2, every player should be presented with a copy of the team rules to prevent misunderstandings.  It should be made clear that any violation of stated team rules or Athletic Association rules could lead to suspension or dismissal from the team.  Any player who is suspended or dismissed from a team has the right to request a hearing before the Athletic board, provided they followed the appropriate chain of command as stated in item 2.  This request, if possible, should be made in writing to the Secretary.  A hearing will be scheduled as soon as possible.  If a parent has a complaint with a particular coach, the appropriate  chain of command must be followed.


6.                    Coaches should advise their coordinator about any problems that exist with a player or parent and attempt to resolve the problem before proceeding with further action.


7.                    Any person under age 18, who is coaching in any of the Athletic Association sponsored sports, may attend meeting and participate in discussion concerning their sport, but may not vote on any matter.


8.                    Players shall be responsible to know, understand and to follow the rules and regulations of the Association.


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