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The name of this organization shall be the St. Lawrence Athletic Association.




The objective of the St. Lawrence Athletic Association shall be to implant firmly. in the members of St. Lawrence Parish. the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority so they may be well adjusted members.  To achieve this objective the Association will provide a supervised program of competitive sports.




SECTION 1 – Membership shall be open to all parish members over age 18.  Any person under 18 years old and still in high school must become an auxiliary member of the Athletic Association.


SECTION 2 – All participants in any athletic activities sponsored by the St. Lawrence Athletic Association must be members. Parents of children participating in sports programs must be members.


SECTION 3 – Any applicant outside the parish, and over age 18, must be approved by the Board of Directors


SECTION 4 -  Only current paid members present are entitles to a vote on all matters brought before the assembly.




SECTION 1 – The organization shall be governed by a board of twelve directors – consisting of the eight elected officers plus the Moderator, Athletic Director , G.W.A.C. representative, and immediate past President.  All twelve Directors shall have equal voting power on the board, except the president, and a simple majority vote shall determine all matters of policy.  A tie vote will be broken by the President.  The board of Directors shall approve payments of bills and approve all normal activities of the organization.


SECTION 2 – The officers of the organization shall consist of a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, three Directors, Parish Council Representative, and Moderator.


SECTION 3 – In the event of the death or resignation of one of the elected officers, a special election will be held by the end of the second regular meeting, after the position is vacated, and shall be for the unexpired term of office.  Order of succession to office:  President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, Senior Board of Director.  In the event the office of President becomes vacated the office shall be filled temporarily in accordance with the order of succession stated above.




SECTION 1 – At the September meeting the Board shall name a chairman and one member for a nominating committee. Three additional members shall be nominated from the floor.  None of the nominees shall be members of the Executive Board.  At the October meeting this committee shall present candidates for the designated offices.  Other candidates may be nominated from the floor.  Voting for the selected candidates will be held at the November meeting.  Candidates shall not appear on a ballot without their consent. The President shall name two tellers at the November meeting to count the ballots after all votes have been cast.  Polls will open fifteen minutes before the meeting and close one hour after the meeting has started.


SECTION 2 – The chairman shall be responsible for securing candidates to fill both ballots and for the preparation of appropriate ballots.


SECTION 3 – Election shall be held to elect a President, Treasurer and two Directors in the odd number year. The Vice-President, Secretary, one Director and the Parish Council Representative in the even number year.  All offices shall be a term of two years.  The duly elected officers shall be installed in their respective offices at the regular meeting in December and preside at the January meeting.




SECTION 1 – Regular meetings of the Association will be held on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m.  The Executive Board shall meet once a month.




SECTION 1 – Seven members shall constitute a quorum for the Board of Directors.


SECTION 2 – Ten members shall constitute a quorum for the Association at any regular monthly meeting.  This quorum shall be assembled within 15 minutes of the time the meeting is scheduled.  Change posted 4/14/2008. 




SECTION 1 – The constitution or by-laws may be amended by the organization by a two-thirds majority of all votes cast at any regular meeting, a quorum being present.  Proposed amendments must have been presented, in writing, and read at the previous meeting.




SECTION 1 – The Board of Directors shall designate the Financial Institutions in which all funds of the Organization shall be deposited.


SECTION 2 – The Organization shall maintain a Commercial Account (checking account and a savings account).  Financial institutions holding these accounts may be changed any time, with a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.


SECTION 3 – All funds received by the Organization, its Committees of any person acting as agent of the Organization, and all funds whose net proceeds will eventually become funds of the Organization, shall be transferred to the Treasurer by the next regular monthly meeting and be deposited in the commercial account.


No such funds shall be deposited an any other account, either established in the name of the Organization, or any of its Committees, or in the account of a private individual.


SECTION 4 – All expenses of the Organization and its Committees shall be paid by the Treasurer, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall have sufficient funds at his/her disposal to operate his/her office.  Such funds of the organization may be expended only for such purposes and activities as approved by a simple majority vote of members present at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors.


SECTION 5 – The president shall appoint to the November meeting three (3) Auditors to audit the books of the Treasurer.  Books must be submitted for audit after the December meeting and final report be given at the January meeting. It is suggested that the Treasurer be present at audit.








SECTION 1 – Membership dues shall cover the period from June 1st through May 31st. 


SECTION 2 – Membership dues will be $5.00 per family, plus $35.00 for each sport played per person, with a maximum of $70.00 per sport played, per family.


SECTION 3 – Out of Parish players, other than Resurrection, will pay a $5.00 membership fee, plus $35.00 for each sport played per person.  The $35.00 participation fee must be paid by all players, regardless of school.


SECTION 4 – Auxiliary membership dues will be $5.00 per member per year and $35.00 per sport played. 


These changes in dues were voted on and installed at the January, 2005 Athletic Association Meeting. 





SECTION 1 – The President shall preside at all regular monthly meetings, and all meetings of the Board of Directors,  and appoint all Committee Chairmen.


SECTION 2 – The Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.


SECTION 3 – The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, including meetings of the Board of Directors, conduct all correspondence and maintain an accurate file.  The Secretary shall be custodian of the Constitution.


SECTION 4 – The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds. All checks drawn on the organization shall be signed by the Treasurer and a Parish Priest for disbursements of funds.  The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all financial transactions and make a written report at the next regular meeting, at the Board of Directors meeting and make  available to all members present at regular monthly meeting.  The Treasurer shall make an annual financial statement after the auditors have closed the books.  The Treasurer shall transfer all records to his/her successor.


SECTION 5 – If an officer misses three consecutive meetings, he/she is subject to dismissal by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.





The Athletic Director shall coordinate the activities of the various inter- school sports and act as a liaison between the sport coordinators, the organization.  He/she shall be responsible for the purchasing of athletic equipment. He/she will appoint an equipment manager, who will maintain and distribute equipment for various teams of the Athletic Association, and who will act in his/her behalf in purchasing equipment when absent over prolonged period of time.  The Athletic Director will appoint and see to the needs of the Coordinators.  He/she shall issue to all Coordinators the St. Lawrence Rules and Regulations for coaches and players, by which all participants must abide.  The Athletic Director will obtain from the Treasurer, as provided by the Constitution and By-Laws, the necessary monies to conduct his responsibilities.  The Coordinators, Coaches and Equipment Mangers are under the direct jurisdiction of the Athletic Director.  If the Athletic Director is absent over a prolonged period of time, the Coordinators and Coaches would be directed by the President of the Association or his appointee.


In the event a Coordinator resigns, the Athletic Director has 30 days to appoint another Coordinator.  If the Athletic Director fails to do so, the board of Directors will appoint a new Coordinator.



The Coordinator of each sport shall be totally responsible for all activities of Coaches in his/her particular sport.  He/she will recruit all necessary Coaches for his/her sport and make sure all Coaches have the necessary contacts, rules and regulations for the school and league.  He/she must schedule with Equipment Manager a date for issuing equipment.  He/she must assign practice time and permits, where necessary, and he/she must obtain from the Athletic Director all necessary money for entrance, officiating fees and money for tournament fees, not to exceed two tournaments per team ( per season).  He/she will conduct a general Coaches meeting at the beginning of each season , to make them aware of  their duties and responsibilities to the Athletic Association.  It is recommended he attend league, Athletic Association and other necessary meetings.



The Coaches of each sport shall try to implant the objective of the St Lawrence Athletic Association  firmly in the members of their respective teams, the idea of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.  Each Coach, at the beginning of their season, will formerly instruct all their players on the rules and regulations of their respective league, and rules and regulations set down by the St. Lawrence Athletic Association.  Coaches shall have complete responsibility for management of their teams.  Continual absenteeism of respect for  authority by players at practice or games will not be tolerated and could lead to suspension or dismissal.  In the case of suspension or dismissal the Coach must notify his Coordinator, pertaining to his/her decision.  Any player who is suspended or dismissed has the right to request a hearing by the Board of Directors.  This request must be in writing.  It is recommended that Coaches attend the Athletic Association meetings.  Coaches report to their Coordinator and if any problems arise which he/she cannot resolve he/she may go to his/her Coordinator for complete assistance.




SECTION 1 – The Chairperson of each committee shall be appointed by the President for his/her term of office.  The Chairman shall select appropriate Committee members.  A list of the members of each committee shall be given to the Secretary


SECTION 2 – The President may appoint a Committee Chairperson for special events and activities.


SECTION 3 – The Chairperson of each committee is requested to present an oral or written report at each meeting, if called upon to do so.


SECTION 4 – The Membership Committee shall seek to increase membership and encourage full attendance at all regular meetings.  It is his/her duty to collect dues and issue membership cards as receipts, and to keep accurate and complete records of all members of the organization


SECTION 5 – The Publicity will be the responsibility of the Parish Representative for publicizing social and athletic events of the organization in the Laurentian and public press.



The Red and Gold Committee shall be responsible to print, edit and distribute the organizational paper on a quarterly bases.


SECTION 7 – The Awards Committee shall be responsible to maintain records of the athletic achievements of all students and to prepare a Certificate Award listing their achievements.  The Certificate Award shall be presented to the student upon completion of the eighth grade.


SECTION 8 – Parliamentarian should be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.  His/her duties shall be to advise the President of Parliamentary Law.


SECTION 9 – Constitution and By-Laws should be appointed to advise the President on the constitutionality of  matters on the floor; review and suggest pertinent changes in the Constitution and By-Laws.




SECTION 1 – All members of St. Lawrence Parish, of good moral character and sound physical condition, are eligible for all teams sponsored by the organization


SECTION 2 – Eligibility of any person, of good moral character and sound physical condition, not a member of St. Lawrence Parish must be decided upon by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 3 – In the event additional players are necessary to meet team requirements, the Manger must secure specific approval of the Board of Directors.


SECTION 4 – If a girl or boy attending St. Lawrence School, and by his or her merits, would be on the player roster of a team representing ‘said’ school, does ‘in effect’ elect to become a member of a team other than St. Lawrence School or Resurrection School when applicable, without the approval of the board of directors, then he or she forfeits their eligibility to participate on any and all athletic teams supported by the St. Lawrence Athletic Association and the Resurrection Athletic Association for a period of one year from the date of forfeit.  All appeals to either board will be shared, but voted individually.  St. Lawrence and Resurrection will cooperate together with all sign-ups for each individual sport offered by both associations.  Each association will forward sign-up sheets to each other within one week  of final sign-up.


SECTION 5 – The Organization and Coaches and any person providing transportation to and from any sport activity shall not be liable for any and all expanses incurred by the participant in any contest or event sponsored by the Association resulting from ‘said’ participation.  Registration forms with a liability wavier will be supplied and must be signed by parents or guardians of participants of all activities before they may participate in any athletic activities.


SECTION 6 – All the teams sponsored by the St. Lawrence Athletic Association will be uniformed in a standardized manner using the school colors of red and gold whenever possible.  Individuals or organizations desiring to purchase equipment or uniforms with their own funds must have ‘said’ equipment and uniforms approved by the Board of Directors.




SECTION 1 – Any Coach or Assistant who knowingly plays any ineligible player, or who, by his/her works, deeds or actions in any manner is detrimental to the Association, shall be suspended or reprimanded as decided by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 2 – Any person under age 18, who is active in coaching in any of the Association sponsored sports, may attend meetings and participate in discussion concerning their sport, but may not vote on any manner.


SECTION 3 – Coaches shall inform the participants of the rules and regulations of St. Lawrence Athletic Association.


SECTION 4 – Players shall be responsible to know, to understand, and to follow the rules and regulations of the Association.  Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action and lead to his or her ineligibility as a participant, as decided by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 5 – All Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to take the Archdiocese Child Abuse Decree Class.


SECTION 6 – Any Player that quits a team after receiving a uniform shall be suspended for the next sport that they play for St. Lawrence School, unless a valid reason is submitted to the Board for approval to play the next sport.




SECTION 1 – Only in the event of winning a City championship, or by being declared City Co-champion by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission, Catholic Youth Organization, Knothole Association, Western League Conference, G.W.A.C., and Western Area Soccer Association would a team be eligible to receive their choice of the following awards: (a) monogram, (b) trophy, (c) charm (miniature sport emblem).


SECTION 2 – The Board of Directors shall have the right to make decisions concerning awards for any major championship not covered in Section 1.


SECTION 3 – To be awarded membership into the St. Lawrence Hall of Fame, the person being inducted must be nominated, in writing, to the Executive Board at the October meeting and meet the following requirements:  be 45 years of age and must have been an active member for 10 years.




SECTION 1 – The Red and Gold shall be the official publication of the St. Lawrence Athletic Association.




SECTION 1 – Order of business at regular monthly meeting shall be:


1.        Call to order by the President

2.        Opening Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

3.        Reading of the minutes of last meeting

4.        Residing of Communications

5.        Report of Treasurer

6.        Report of Parish Council Representative

7.        Report of Committees 

8.        Report of sport coordinators:    Boys Basketball                   Boys Soccer

Girls Basketball                     Girls Soccer

Boys Baseball                       Volleyball

Girls Softball

9.        Unfinished Business

10.     New Business

11.     Program

12.     Adjournment

13.     Closing Prayer




SECTION 1 – Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall govern the proceedings of this Association.


SECTION 2 – The Constitution and By-Laws of the St. Lawrence Athletic Association shall be effective upon the ratification of the majority of the votes of the Members.


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